Welcome to InsideOut! Actually, no… We don’t specialize in Sushi!

InsideOut is a young and innovative company which specializes in leading marketing programs for small and medium scale companies, while keeping in mind the big picture of the marketing step. Our very name suggests our working method.
We begin the marketing process inside the company, focusing on its internal procedures, marketing, sales and service arrays and only then devise a marketing strategy regarding the company’s clientele.

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The marketing consultancy begins with strategic deliberation which deals mainly with studying the business and its competitive environment and defining its marketing goals. Subsequently, we design an annual marketing program which comprises a marketing and advertising budget and strives to complete the predefined goals.

You have a one point of contact to all your marketing needs: The creative work, media planning and buying, website management, managing advertising campaigns, continuous contact with suppliers and keeping schedule and deadlines – all will be managed by us.
We provide marketing consultancy for short-term projects such as lunching of new products or for continuous marketing management in outsourcing.

Our company is flexible enough to reach an agreement that will meet exactly the needs of your business. Since we honestly believe in our capabilities, we also put forward reward-by-goals programs.

And finally, what counts above all, is bringing ‘heart’ into the job. With sincere dedication, we will do everything required to make your business succeed!

InsideOut was established in 2007 and is being run by Dikla Malamud.
Born in 1977, she has an M.B.A with expertise in advertising from The College of Management (Rishon Le-Zion, Israel) and 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising, including dozens of campaigns for both local and international clients.

Please feel free to contact us and schedule an introductory meeting free of charge:

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